Cecotec Hidroboost 1600 Power Wash – 05402


HidroBoost 1600 Car&Bike pressure washer by Cecotec. Special for car and bike. Compact, powerful and portable. Soap bottle and special brushes. Maximum power, 1600 W. Maximum flow, 426 l/h. Maximum pressure, 135 bars. Aluminum pump. More than 14-metre operating radius.

  • Very powerful, 1600 W, to remove the most stubborn dirt fast and efficiently.
  • 135-bar maximum pressure that emits a powerful water jet to remove harsh dirt. Perfect for cars, motorbikes, bicycles and garden tools.
  • Maximum flow of 426 litres/hour, allows cleaning wider surfaces in less time. Cleaning your car now will be faster than ever.
  • HardPump aluminium pump, makes the device more reliable and allows it to operate for more time than pumps made of composite materials.
  • 440-ml bottle for detergent that is attached to the lance’s tip for a thick and long-lasting foam. Maintains pressure and removes dirt easily.  Ideal for cars and bikes.
  • 360Brush to clean less accessible areas or dirtier zones, such as wheel rims.
  • EasyClean brush, with large surface with numerous bristles and efficient bristles. Its triangular shape is perfect for reaching corner and difficult joints.
  • 3DTurboFlip nozzle, generates a focused maximum-pressure water jet that removes stubborn dirt fast and efficiently.
  • Large casters and handle for an effortless transportation and for a more comfortable operation during cleaning tasks that require moving.
  • Operating radius over 14 metres for a more comfortable use and greater freedom of movement.
  • Anti-impurities filter that helps connecting fast and easily the water hose to the pressure washer.
  • Pulverizing nozzle with adaptable water outlet to regulate intensity according to the type of use.
  • Easy and fast connection of the high-pressure hose and of the lance to the gun through iClick system.
  • Auto Start-Stop gun system for greater safety and better control. Protects the motor and saves water.
  • Allows placing and holding the gun vertically and without efforts on one of the sides of the main body. Moving and storing it is easier than ever.
  • Ergonomic gun to clean comfortably and safely thanks to its BS-Block gun-lock system.
  • 8-metre high-pressure hose for a greater freedom of movement during use.
  • Its lance, connected to the gun, allows cleaning less accessible and higher surfaces.
  • It can be used with water at high temperatures, up to 50 ºC, which helps eliminating difficult dirt.
  • Cleaning kit to avoid blockages and to ensure an always-clean pressure washer.

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