Aquamax – Duplex Light UV


  • Max. Working Pressure: 8Bar
  • Operating Temperature: 50°C
  • Capacity with Cartridge: 3000l/h
  • Connection: 1″F
  • Lamp Connection: 3/4″

DUPLEX LIGHT 9“ ¾ connection 1” filter (with nipples 1“) is composed of 2 containers for filter cartridges. The filtration is performed in series, the first filter contains activated carbon in a cartridge capable of removing from the water substances such as chlorine (cause of unpleasant odors) and dissolved organic macromolecules, the second filter contains a washable mesh cartridge with degree of filtration of 60 micron. Each filter is made up of 3 partes, polypropylene head with vent valve and brass inserts. Complete with brackets for anchoring. Duplex Light contains a UV light debacterializer, effective for the disinfection of water in water systems because they are able to eliminate microbial contaminants (bacteria, viruses, molds, spores, yeasts, etc..) present in the water. The lamp is made  of stainless steel AISI 304 mirror polished insideoutside and works with a maximum pressure of 9 bar.

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