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JET 55-45 CI

Cast Iron Jet Pump - Head Max. 43m - Max. Suction Lift 5m Self Priming - Inlet/Outlet G 1" Female.

Brand: Stuart Categories: Jet Pumps

Ideal for the high pressure delivery of clean non-potable water from a water tank/cistern. The Jet Pump features a manual on/off switch and power lead fitted with a 13 Amp fused plug. The range is suitable for general cold water pumping applications.Designed for pumping clean non-potable water. The portable Jet pump is ideal for many household and light industrial uses. Water pressurisation and lawn sprinkler boosting are just two of its many applications.

Features: 1.5m lead and 13 Amp plug fitted - Built in on/off switch - Easy installation - Reliable - Quite operation

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