About V. Demajo & Bros.

V. Demajo & Bros, established in the 1940s, is an import and distribution company, marketing leading brands in domestic appliances and hardware equipment, machinery and pumps.  The company is based in the town centre of Paola and consists of two independent retail outlets which house its two main lines of business – the Domestic Appliances Division, located on the main square, and the Hardware Division, located at the top end of the main road leading to the square.

The company’s sales of domestic appliances enjoy a good share of the Maltese market.  The company’s long standing relationship, of over 50 years, with Messrs. Candy Group of Italy has seen the Demajo firm becoming synonymously bound with the brandname Candy among households in Malta.  Candy is renowned for quality and efficiency at affordable prices.

A lucrative market share is also achieved by the company’s sales of hardware goods.  These consist of various quality brandnames, among which is the distinguished U.K. brand STUART, well renowned for its quality pumps.  V. Demajo & Bros. have been sole agents of STUART pumps for over 60 years.

At the forefront of the company’s objectives is the management of an efficient after-sales service, for which V. Demajo & Bros. is highly reputable.

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